So for a little while now EVGA has been doing the vertical card thing which gives them a unique look. It also makes Nvidia’s bright green wrap around a little smaller though that does still have the RTX and model name as well. You get a look at the card with an actual picture mostly being shown on the cover and then the KO designation is actually a little harder to spot with the grey on black, but they did use the largest font possible. They have a KO Ultra model as well which has ultra in a colorful pink/purple font next to the KO but our sample isn’t that model. Most companies have been using the back to show more pictures of features but EVGA isn’t doing that. They kept things simple with a feature list and a note about their Precision X1 software along with a QR code to scan but that’s about it. This does mean there isn’t a specification listing, card dimensions, display connection, or any information on what clock speed the KO runs at. You will have to look all of that up online if you are in a retail store.

image 1

image 2

Inside the box is also simpler as well. They just wrap the card up in bubble wrap and avoid foam or cardboard trays altogether. Inside of the bubble wrap, the card does come in a static protective bag. You get a small generic installation guide and that’s about it. The fan shroud also comes with plastic all over it as well for those a fan of “pealing”.

image 3

image 4

image 5


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