So as much as I would love to spend the countless hours working on our coverage just for you guys/girls, I do have to also make sure to pay the bills. Given that this is my full time job, that means bringing in money for me, paying for the dedicated server, domains, and also hardware and testing equipment. So there are a few good ways to help support the website if you enjoy it here and our coverage has been helpful. You aren’t required to do any of these, but here are a few ways to help keep things rolling.

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This is a big way to support us without ever having to deal with ads or giving us any money directly. The links, if you buy something soon after clicking them, give us a cut for the referral. Remember the point of our coverage isn’t to push you to buy the exact product we are covering. The point is to hopefully educate you on your options and hopefully help you get an idea of what you want to be looking for. So while we do include amazon affiliate links on all of our reviews, they aren’t specifically for you to buy that item. If our coverage helps you decide for something else, clicking the links and picking up the competitor's item still helps support us.

Other Affiliate Links

Matterhackers - 3DPrinters and Filament 


While I would never ask for it, here is an option for those of you who want to toss a few dollars our way.

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So if you haven’t ever heard of Patreon before. It is a website where you can donate to creators (like us) and even setup a monthly donation. This is still completely new to us but it was suggested that we try it out. If it becomes popular I would be open to suggestions on how to provide extra content to Patreon supporters. For now, the only benefit is a Discord status, but you also get to know that you are helping support the website as well.

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