By now, a lot of you most likely have figured out that I have a bit of a thing for various keyboards and mice. I’ve even been known to make sure the backlighting on my keyboard matches with my mouse and with my PC build as well. Oddly enough, through all of my keyboards the only time I have ever really customized a keyboard was when I had the chance to review a custom keyboard from Max Keyboard. The fact that I haven’t dug deeper into this is curious because generally I have a hard time leaving things alone, especially my cars and my computers. It’s not that I hadn’t seen the photos of everyone’s keyboards on r/mechanicalkeyboards and GeekHack, I just never did it myself due to not knowing enough and frankly not having the time. Well after reviewing the new Novatouch from Cooler Master, I decided to take advantage of the Cherry MX stems and dive a little deeper into keyboard customization and finally show everyone what it is all about. I reached out to a whole list of companies who make a variety of products to help you take your new mechanical keyboard and turn it into something completely unique, today I’m going to talk a little about what I found!


Products Supplied by:

Max Keyboard



WASD Keyboards

Mimic Cables


Cooler Master 

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes


The great thing about customizing something is that you can take something that a lot of people have and you can make it your own. In some cases what you like might be similar or the same thing that others with similar interests have done as well. A good example of this is seeing a sweet keyboard on Reddit or online somewhere and loving it so much that you go out and do the same thing to yours. Maybe you are feeling a little more creative and you put together your own design, or maybe you take someone else’s design and change it to fit your style a little more. Customizing your keyboard really means something different for each person. Hell, it’s very possible that you didn’t even know that you could customize your keyboard. So today I’m going to go through a few ways you can customize. Some of the things I’m going to touch on today might not be your style, but keep in mind the idea here is to show a few options. You should take these ideas and do your own thing. Speaking of, if you do end up doing anything to your keyboard or if you have in the past, post up pictures in the comments. I know I would love to see them!

image 9

image 10

image 135

image 136

image 137

Techkeys has the coolest business card I have ever seen. Even more impressive is the card is actually completely functional. They even included three keys for me to install on the card. Once installed, when you plug the card the buttons will email Techkeys, open their website, and open their Facebook page.

image 11

image 12

image 19



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Those of you who have me on Facebook might have seen a few pictures of custom keyboards popping up. Well today is the day that we finally dig in and talk about a few different ways to customize your mechanical keyboard.

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