Compute Benchmarks

With gaming performance out of the way, I took a look at a few different Compute benchmarks. These were mostly focused on ways an average person might use their video card so I had a basic Compute test in Passmark Performance Test 9 then I took a look at bitcoin mining performance and video composition FPS in CompuBenchCL. In Passmark Performance Test 9 the MSI pulled ahead slightly with the Asus card coming in closer to the GTX 1080 Founders Edition then I would have liked but both were still right up at the top behind the 1080 Ti.


In CompuBenchCL the Video Composition test had a little better AMD performance and the Asus underperformed putting one of the RX 580’s right up with it and the 180 Ti and MSI 1080 11Gbps well ahead. But then in the Bitcoin test things were back to normal with matching results with the two 11Gbps cards and the 1080 Ti just stomping everything.




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