With two RX 570 reviews out of the way, before packing them back up I grabbed both cards and set them up in Crossfire. I was really curious to see if an upgrade to Crossfire would be worth it to anyone who couldn’t afford a more expensive card when they built their computer. In the past, this has been very dependent on the games you play and I imagine it will be the same again but there is only one way to find out. Like our previous Crossfire and SLI coverage, the commenting will be at a minimum and this is just a quick article to show off the numbers so keep that in mind and use the information however you would like.

Product Names: XFX RX 570 RS and Asus Strix RX 570

Written by: Wes

Testing By: Wes

Amazon Affiliate Links: XFX RX 570 RS and Asus Strix RX 570


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Asus Strix RX 570


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