The box for the Strix GTX 1080 11 Gbps is significantly larger than the RX 570 Asus sent over simply because it is a much larger video card. This did allow for a little extra room though. The front of the box has the Strix branding across it in its multi-color glory and then an actual photo of the card next to it. Strix is on the front twice for some reason and then they have the normal wrap around Nvidia branding with the model name in the Nvidia colors. The back of the box though has more room to get into the features. They have a short specification listing as well as a feature list but most of the details are around the six photos on the back. Each highlights different features of the card like the Maxcontact Technology, the Aura Sync lighting, the Auto-Extreme Tech, and so on. They also include a small line drawing of the display connections so you don’t end up getting home and finding out you don’t have the connections you need.

image 1

image 2

Inside the outer box is a second box with the older Strix logo on top. Inside right up top is a piece of foam with a small envelope with the Asus logo in a gold finish. Then up under the top layer of foam, the card come wrapped up in a static protective bag and sits in its own foam tray.

image 3

image 4

image 5

Included with the card in the top envelope is a speed setup guide and a driver and software disc. Asus also included a few accessories with the high-end card. You get a few Velcro ties with the Asus ROG branding on them and an adapter to convert two 6 pin cables into one 8-pin. The adapter doesn’t have sleeved cables but comes in a red and black ROG theme.

image 6

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