VR Benchmarks

With Virtual Reality slowly growing in popularity and giving how demanding it is I also included a few tests. The first was the SteamVR benchmark, a simple test that gives just a basic idea of VR performance. Here anything over 6 is good with the results capped at 11. As you can see the GTX 1080 and everything else up in the top range is already up into that cap. So we don’t know how this card compares to the MSI or to other high-end cards but it does tell us that it is more than enough for any current VR games. The VRMark test, on the other hand, gives us a little more information. The orange room benchmark tests current VR performance and the blue room test is future looking. Any result over 120 FPS is good and as you can see we are well above that in the orange room test and far from it in the blue room. The Asus and MSI 11Gbps cards come in with similar numbers with just the GTX 1080 Ti really showing any big improvement in the blue room benchmark.




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