The box for the RTX 3070 Founders Edition looks exactly the same as the RTX 3080, only with the different model number on it. Nvidia kept things simple with a black box with dark silver stripes. Then in the top left corner, you have the Nvidia logo which is the only white and green so it stands out and with the model name below that. The back of the box includes a lit of system requirements as well as a list of what is included inside the box. They mention the three-year warranty and where to get support and repeat that across multiple languages then there is a sticker with the bar code and series number. So if you save your box you won’t need to pull your card out to get the serial number to set up an RMA.

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The box opened up with the side coming off. They have the RTX 3070 FE sitting in form foam and sitting at an angle. This is something that Nvidia does a great job of where all of the aftermarket cards don’t. You don’t have a static protective bag that covers the card up, when you open up the box you are greeted by the card. When you pick up the card, under it you will find a small box with the documentation and accessories (well accessory).

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So along with the card, you get a quick start guide as well as a support guide. There is also a small paper which warns that you need to use the included power dongle and that third party adapters could cause issues or even void your warranty. The RTX 3080 had that same card and I was a little concerned with the warranty talk. But now that I see the adapter that is included with the RTX 3070 I can kind of see where they are coming from. This is because the RTX 3080 has a 12 pin to dual 8 pin power adapter where the RTX 3070 starts with that same 12 pin power but only has one 8-pin for power. If you were to use this adapter on the 3080 or 3090 it could cause big problems. PSU manufactures do have new cables starting to come out, so hopefully, the adapter situation won’t be a problem soon. If you didn’t see our RTX 3080 and are curious why they have a new plug type at all. Look at how they manage to fit 12-pins into the same space as the older PCIe 8-pin. The new design is more compact but can support a lot more power.

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