VR Benchmarks

Now for VR benchmarks, there aren’t too many tests available, but I did run the SteamVR benchmark which is basically useless now that even Nvidia’s xx60 card can reach 11, but it does still show the jump in performance compared to the GTX 1060 and RX590. Most of my focus was on VRMark where I have tested using all three benchmarks. I ran all three tests which they are all called rooms. The Orange room test is similar to SteamVR in that it isn’t very demanding so here all of the cards tested pass the 109 target FPS mark, but the RTX 2060 did perform well here. The Cyan room benchmark is my favorite because it tests today's performance in ultra-high detail. Here the RTX 2060 again passed the 109 mark by a good margin but more importantly it came in ahead of all of the 10 series GTX cards with just the higher end RTX cards competing and the Vega 64 and RX590 Crossfire being up in the same range. Then the last test was Blue Room which is future looking, this is what all of the cards are sorted by and here the RTX 2060 comes in just below the GTX 1080 11Gbps.




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