Well, this is a Founders Edition card so the packaging hasn’t really changed much. In fact other than the 2060 line at the bottom this could be the same box as any of the RTX Founders Edition cards or the older 10 series cards with just the background changed. The best part about Founders Edition boxes though is they are extremely simple. You have the normal RTX branding wrapped around from the front to the back and that’s about it.

image 7

image 8

When you pull the top off you will find the card sitting comfortably in its nice foam tray that is carved out in the base of the box. Looking into the top there are foam straps that keep the card from moving around as well and keep is safe during transport. The bright green base has the “Inspired by Gamers, Built by Nvidia” motto on it. The card has a plastic wrap on it that is fully transparent so when you open the box the card isn’t hidden away. Then behind the card, there is a pullout tray. Inside it just has a quick start guide with the RTX 2060 model name on it and then a general support guide that comes with all of the RTX cards. They don’t ship it with any power or display adapters, in fact, the left part of the box where those things normally are has a panel glued in to cover it up.

image 9

image 10


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