VR Benchmarks

The number of VR benchmarks that can anyone can run without a headset is a little limited and I like to keep all of our tests as repeatable by you, the reader. But we do have two benchmarks that I like to run. The SteamVR benchmark is a little dated with nearly every card maxing it out these days but surprisingly the GTX 1660 Ti falls just under the top score of 11 with a 10.8. This shows us that it is just behind the stock clocked GTX 1070 FE and way ahead of the RX590 and GTX 1060.

In my second set of VR tests, we have VRMark. This has three different tests with each called a room. The orange room test is the original benchmark and this is a lot like SteamVR in that it is only looking at basic VR performance. Here the GTX 1660 Ti saw 214.93 FPS which is well over the 109 FPS that all three tests require. In the Cyan Room test, the 135.18 FPS result is closer to the limit but still over what is needed. That test looks to test performance similar to today's demanding VR games so this tells us that the GTX 1660 Ti would do well in just about anything VR we throw at it right now. Then the last test is the Blue Room test which is future looking at high detail games in the future and here it only did 43.09 FPS and was far from the 109 FPS goal, just like every other card tested. Performance was up above the GTX 1070 in all three results though, this put the GTX 1660 Ti also above the RX590, RX580, and GTX 1060.




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