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The eufy Security E130 Smart Lock was easy to install and the eufy app made linking it quick and easy as well. As long as you have a traditional deadbolt lock you can swap it out and expand the number of ways that you can unlock your door. You do still have a standard keyed lock, but with the keypad and fingerprint sensor on the outside, you should never need to use the key. You can also remotely lock or unlock assuming you are using a WiFi bridge which eufy sells a version with the bridge or in our case we already had a bridge with a previous device. The Wifi bridge is helpful because you can get notifications of people coming and going, check to make sure you locked the door, and if needed you can even give someone access remotely. You can also set up profiles for temporary use or long-term use.

With summer coming up where we will come and go from outside more often and with having a detached garage the E130 Smart Lock has been invaluable. There is no concern that I’m going to get locked out, it makes it quick and easy to come and go which now with cars also using push button starters we don’t even need to get our keys out at all, but most importantly where we would often leave doors unlocked when we go outside we can now auto lock the door and know everything is safe and get back in without keys.

There are a few issues that I ran into that I would love to see changed and a majority of them were fixed with eufy’s new Video Smart Lock so I hope they do release an updated version of the E130 which addresses the issues. The glossy finish for the passcode number pad on the outside looks amazing, but shows fingerprints immediately which can be a security issue, letting someone see which numbers are in your passcode. I’m also not a big fan of the fingerprint sensor which is a little awkward, I think this one would have been less of an issue if I hadn’t gotten used to the easier angled top edge location they used on the Video Smart Lock. If I were planning on utilizing the manual lock the E130 Smart Lock might not be my first choice, however. I mentioned earlier that the unique key design does mean that you can’t get more keys made. But for me, I’m more concerned that if you have to give a key out to a roommate or a friend and they lose it or you don’t trust them there is no way to rekey the lock. I would love to see this added in the future to help with longevity. I was also initially not a big fan of the E130 using AA batteries, not a rechargeable battery. But with the battery life expected to be around 12 months, I can’t complain too much. If that ended up being significantly shorter however I would not be a big fan of having to buy batteries all of the time.

Overall though the eufy security E130 Smart Lock is a great product. There is room for improvement, but its ease of use and how convenient it is makes up for any of the smaller issues. I don’t think I could go back to a traditional lock, that’s for sure. As for pricing, the E130 goes on sale often. Its MSRP is listed at $169.99 but at the time of writing this it had a $30 coupon on the eufy website and Amazon as of right now the coupon has expired but it is on sale for $125.99. If you check Camelcamelcamel you can see the E130 going on sale consistently as well. So I would suggest waiting and picking it up on one of the many sales. If you need the Wifi bridge which I would recommend, look for the S230 model but it does add to the overall price. The sale price ends up competing well with most of the competition.


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