Packaging and Accessories

The box for the E130 Smart Lock Touch follows the same theme that all of the eufy Security products have. This is a white background with blue trim along the bottom in a V shape. They have the eufy Security by Anker branding in the top left corner. The model name itself is almost hidden in the bottom right corner which I will never understand. Then they highlight the fingerprint tech in the largest front across the middle as well as showing that this is auto-locking with a badge in the corner. The front also has a picture of the outside portion of the lock which shows the touch sensor and the keypad. The white and blue theme continues on the back where they show how eufy Security devices can be used all around your home. Below that they have three more pictures of the E130 Smart Lock Touch in use along with 9 of its features which are highlighted with a short description of each. Down at the bottom they also show you everything that comes inside with small line drawings and their names down in the blue stripe.

image 2

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Once you get the plastic wrap off of the box and open it up they have the eufy shield logo shown again on this extra flap. Then under that is a layer of foam and then the two main halves of the lock are sitting in a foam tray. There is a small pouch which has the documentation inside and then all of the accessories needed for installation are all up under the foam.

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image 5

The documentation pouch has a full user manual as well as a shield-shaped paper that tells you that eufy values your privacy. There is also a large shield-shaped sticker letting people know that there is 24/7 monitoring by eufy security.

image 6

Then all of the accessories come in their own individual plastic bags. The obvious things like the keys and the batteries are unlabeled, but everything else has its name/use printed on the bag or onto a sticker and then onto the baggie. This is nice for the screws and for the strike plates which you get two different strike plates, the standard one and then a reinforcer kit with longer screws and a second plate to put behind the normal plate for more strength.

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