Keeping your floors clean is a lot more than just sweeping or vacuuming up the dust and dirt that you see, it is really easy to just get the dust and dirt and ignore things until something is spilled. Then of course it isn’t just a simple once-over with the mop. I’m bad with this, even though I want to keep our floors clean I would also prefer to spend my time doing something else. Because of that, I’ve been considering getting something to simplify things like a steam mop to sanitize and clean but a lot of the options out there just use microfiber pads and I don’t have any interest in having to replace them constantly. Eufy recently announced their Mach V1 and the Mach V1 Ultra which both combine a vacuum design that has a brush to pick up dirt and also scrubs. The Mach V1 Ultra then also adds in steam as well, covering everything I was looking for, but how well does it work? Well, today I’m going to check out what the Mach V1 Ultra has to offer and then see how it performs.

Product Name: eufy Mach V1 Ultra

Review Sample Provided by: eufy

Written by: Wes Compton

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Basic Function

Suck/ Mop/ Wash/ Disinfect/ Steam/ Dry

Suction Power

16,800 Pa

Noise Level

<65 dB

Run Time

•Maximum 82 minutes (in smart and suction modes)

•Maximum 15 minutes (in steam mode)

Battery energy

159.84 Wh

Battery capacity

7400 mAh

Charging time

≤4 hours


Smart LCD Display

Clean Water Tank Volume

820 ml

Dirty Water Tank Volume

720 ml

Steam Temperature


Rated voltage (charging base)

Rated voltage (charging base)


1178 x 278 x 254(mm)




24 Months


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