If you have installed a deadbolt before the installation of the E130 Smart Lock Touch isn’t going to have any big surprises. It is significantly larger than a standard deadbolt, but beyond that, all of the same components are still there. Eufys design does support a few different deadbolt hole sizes and depths as well but our installation would be considered into a standard-sized hole and depth. I just drilled this and installed a traditional deadbolt in January when I set up the Video Smart Lock on the garage because I painted all of the outsides of the doors and upgraded all of the hardware at the same time. We didn’t have deadbolts on our two back doors or the garage man door so it was a big security upgrade.

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The deadbolt assembly slid right into the holes I had previously drilled. You can twist this to change the depth but it came set to the standard size so that wasn’t needed. From there, you have to find the two screws which for some reason don’t just come in the same bag as the deadbolt, and screw it in place.

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With that in place, you can put the outside touchscreen in place as well as the backplate which has a rubber backing. These two attach together through the door. You have to make sure to slide the cable in carefully so it doesn’t get pinched at all then the two main bolts go through the backplate into the front touchscreen. This is just like a normal deadbolt installation but you do have the option to install a third screw into the backplate which can prevent it from twisting at all. Because this puts a hole up higher where it would be visible if we ever removed the E130 Smart Lock Touch and because it is optional I decided to not use it. The Video Smart Lock had the same setup but has been very secure without it as well. Once you tighten the two bolts down the front and back halves don’t move so make sure they are lined up perfectly. In our case, because this is a smaller 32-inch wide door they both line up almost against the window frame which made it easy to do. The larger 36-inch door on our garage had a larger gap in this same spot with the Video Smart Lock. This also tells me that the Video Smart Lock may not fit with these 32-inch doors with a window in them because it is wider.

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With the backplate installed, you can then hook up the main inside assembly which you have to start by plugging in the wire and positioning it so the wire won't get pinched. You then have three screws to install, two of which are behind the batteries and the last is down at the bottom. Once you get the bottom screw installed there is also a small plug that goes into its hole to hide it. Then you can install the four included AA batteries. When you do this the E130 Smart Lock Touch will power up and talk to you. Once that is done you can slide the cover on, but I would wait for that until after you have linked it to the eufy security app which will need both the QR code here and for you to press the sync button.

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