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The eufy Security E130 Smart Lock has a design that is very similar to the Video Smart Lock that I recently reviewed. This isn’t too big of a surprise given that the Video Smart Lock is an evolution of eufy’s past lock designs. So the E130 having three main components, like the Video Smart lock, is the same. Size wise however this design is different from the Video Smart Lock. The front (pin pad) portion is 158.7 mm x 71.7 mm x 25.9 mm or 6.2 x 1 x 2.8 inches and the inside half is larger at 198.3 mm x 72.5 mm x 32.5 mm or 7.8 x 1.2 x 2.8 inches making it taller, wider, and thicker than the front pin pad. The back portion of the lock houses the batteries, has the QR code for syncing the lock, the sync button which is also for syncing the lock, and has the lock and unlock handle just like a traditional deadbolt lock would have. The lock does have its unlocked and locked positions printed on it, but with locked being on both sides it gives the impression that you can turn the lock in either direction to lock it but you can’t. The battery compartment was a surprise for me as well, the Video Smart Lock has a nice rechargeable battery but the E130 Smart Lock just uses four AA batteries. Without the doorbell and video camera, its battery usage is going to be significantly less. But I have to admit the idea of being able to swap out an extra rechargeable battery between both door locks would have been convenient. Plus almost nothing uses AA batteries these days.

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The other main portion of the E130 Smart Lock is the outside or pin pad side of the lock. Where the inside has a flat black finish, this half mostly has a glossy finish. I suspect this is another area where we are seeing improvements in the design of the Video Smart Lock because the glossy finish while it might look nice when you open the box up is going to get fingerprints all over it and look bad quickly. More importantly, fingerprints also show what numbers you are using for your pin codes which is a security issue if you don’t keep it clean or at least scramble your pin code. The fingerprint sensor is up top but facing forward, not on the top edge like the Video Smart Lock, and even before using this I can see that the location isn’t as ergonomic to use as it would be up on the top edge. There is a status LED ring around the fingerprint sensor and the touchpad number pad has all of its numbers backlit as well with cancel in the bottom left and confirm or enter in the bottom right.

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Then down at the bottom where the Video Smart Lock had its doorbell button the Smart Lock still has that same circle. This time made of aluminum with a nice machined finish. This rotates to give you access to the lock cylinder and to protect it as well. The key lock isn’t something you would need to use often, but is especially important if the lock acts up or the batteries die. The lock on the Video Smart Lock was unique with its Schlage-like design that ended up being a one-off and shorter. This design on the other hand is even crazier with a half moon shaped keyhole and key. You do get five keys at least which is good because you aren’t going to be able to get a key copied or made easily. As I said with the Video Smart lock, it would be great to see the lock actually match the Schlage keyset and also make the lock itself removable to be rekeyed. I will most likely never need to use these keys because we have another back door as a backup if needed. But making the lock something usable that you don’t have to throw out if a roommate or you lose the key would be nice. I don’t expect the lock to be lockpickinglawyer proof, but it should at least not lock you to one key forever.

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The back of the outside portion has a rubber finish to keep it from sliding around. Then down at the bottom, the lock portion has an adapter to fit your traditional deadbolt lock hole and location. But you can remove that to fit some smaller deadbolts and the deadbolt itself also supports a few different hole depths but check with eufy’s website to be sure if you don’t have a standard deadbolt layout. This also has a wire that has to connect to the inside half of the lock.

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There is also a mounting bracket. This installs on the inside and is what the front keypad connects to. This is a steel plate with a rubber backing to keep it from moving around as well.

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