QPAD CT mouse pad Grin Design

Last week I looked at a mouse pad from a company that at the time was unknown to us. After spending time with the pad, I found that the QPad XT-R was the first mouse pad that has had the style and performance to draw me away from my tried and true Destructor mouse pad. Coming off of that high note I had to put the XT-R aside and try out another one of QPad's products, the CT. Christer Körnbäck, the CEO of QPAD sent the CT in the Grin along with the XT-R because it is one of his favorite designs. We know they can produce a great mouse pad, but can lighting strike twice?

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QPAD XT-R mousepad

For a long time now, I have been a self-proclaimed mouse and mouse pad snob. I am very meticulous about my mouse pad and use only the best. Recently I have been using the Razer Destructor because I favor hard mouse pads. These can often be easier to use if you rely on your mouse to play games at sites like http://www.partycasino.com/, in my opinion. However, there are a number of other high quality options and brands to choose from on the market at the moment.
Recently I encountered a company called QPAD that produces a variety of different mouse pads.  QPAD is a Swedish company that "built its success on a grassroots commitment to the gaming community. Like you, we thrive in the madness of competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming". Sounds like our type of people! They provided us with two mouse pads to review, today I will be talking about the QPAD XT-R. The XT-R is QPAD's op of the line model as of right now. I am going to review the quality to see if it meets my high standards.

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Razer Galiatius Soft mouse pad

Yesterday we took a closer look at the Razer Lachesis gaming mouse. Every good mouse needs a good mouse pad. So today we are going to check out Razer's newest mouse pad the Goliathus. This is Razer's first full soft mouse pad. The pad comes in both a Speed and Control version. Due to my preference's we are going to be reviewing the speed version today.

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Razer Lachesis Mouse

When gamers are looking for mice there are only a few company's you think of. One of the big names in gaming mice is Razer. Razer made a name for themselves by making high DPI mice at a time that 400dpi was main stream. Razer's latest high DPI mouse is the Lachesis (‘lak- -s s), with 4000 Dpi it's a far cry from the old days. Today we are going to test out the Lachesis and find out how it performs.

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Silverstone Raven Mouse

Most people would be amazed at the difference in performance that a good mouse and mouse pad can give you. It might seem like something stupid, and I understand why you would feel that way. You have been using that same basic mouse for years without any issues. When you finally decide to step up to a gaming mouse normally your options are limited to Logitech and Razer, they are both great options. Recently Silverstone has brought out a mouse of their own call the Raven. With a long list of features along with the eye-catching blue thumb scroll wheel and the carbon fiber, it's sure to get your attention. We spent a few weeks living with the mouse to see how it compares to some of its competitors.

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Das Keyboard

Considering how everyone has a different idea of what is perfect for keyboards its really not a surprise that so many companies claim to sell the ultimate keyboard. Of all of those keyboards there is only one that is rumored to improve your typing ability. All at the same time using some of the best possible components to give you the durability any hard core computer geek will need. Das Keyboard have been around, they have recently released their third design on the Das Keyboard. They now sell two different models. One standard Das Keyboard without key letters; this is what put them on the map. The other keyboard is of the same construction, but with letters on the keys incase you aren't into the idea of touch typing. Ether way you are going to get a keyboard that is known for its quality mechanical keys. If you are a fan of laptop keyboards, or have a S/O that you might keep up with clicking keys this may not be the "ultimate" keyboard for you. I myself love to drive my wife nuts and have been known to wear the letters off of keyboards in the past; we are going to find out if the Das Keyboard is the one for me.

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Evo-G IMP1 Illuminated Mouse Pad

Radio Detection and Ranging.   We commonly refer to this technology as radar.  A priceless boon to military efforts anywhere, oft the chagrin of gamers everywhere.  Strategy itself can be turned on its head in any game that allows the use of this technology.  Did I mention that a radar display generally looks pretty sweet?  Evo-G has picked up on this fact, and used the concept when developing their IMP1 Illuminated Mouse Pad.  Whether the intention is to rub salt in the wounds of all gamers betrayed by radar, or to simply look cool remains to be seen, but the IMP1 is marketed as a gaming mouse pad and Evo-G tossed one our way to find out some stuff for ourselves.

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Kensington Si670m bluetooth mouse and Micro USB Adapter

With Bluetooth becoming so widespread it’s not a big surprise that it is popular with the mobile computing crowd. In fact a lot of the midrange to high end notebooks are equipped with Bluetooth from the start. People with integrated Bluetooth can pick up a nice mouse like Kensington’s Si670m and not have to worry about a large USB dongle for their wireless mouse. Unfortunately my laptop doesn’t have integrated Bluetooth, but Kensington didn’t forget people like me. There USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter is made small enough to stay plugged in all of the time. Today we are going to check out the two items together. Click to read more.

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C4 Mouse Pads

We find ourselves once again taking a look at a gaming mouse pad, well two. Today we look at the C4 NGen 04 and the C4 NGen, both products from C4 Mouseware (a CSHyde company). With a Super Slick & Super Fast Teflon surface will the glide to the top of our mouse pad pile or stay planted on our desk?

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Razer Destructor

A few weeks ago we did a review on the Steel Series I-2 glass mouse pad. Now we are at it again with Razer’s newly released mouse pad, The Destructor. Razer is known for putting out quality products for the gaming community. In order to stay in touch with the gaming community they have been known to hire mostly gamers. They also get very involved in the professional gaming community as you can see HERE. Razer has gone as far as getting involved with Video Games Live recently. So today we are going to find out if being in touch with the gaming community helps product a better product. We will also find out how the destructor compares to my everyday mouse pad also made by Razer, the eXactMat. Read more after the jump

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SteelSeries I-2 glass mousepad

Over the past few years everyone and their mom has produced a “gaming” mouse pad. Our friends at SteelSeries are all about making anything to help improve your gaming. So it comes as no surprise that they produce gaming mouse pads also. In fact they sell 14 different variations for every type of gamer. They have provided us with a Blue I-2 mouse pad. I wouldn’t even call it a pad, this is the first mouse pad I’ve ever used made of glass. Click to read more about it….

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