SteelSeries Gaming Surface Comparison

 IMG_2423_PreviewAnytime input is provided to a computer, the human element is involved. This is most notable with the mouse. Every person is different, and so comes many different ways to control your cursor. Some simply think that this is the jurisdiction of the mouse itself, but since when do humans operate with DPI? You don’t go to your barber and have them cut your hair to the precise millimeter, do you? You want style, you want what’s fresh, and you want it to WORK FOR YOU! Jump into the article to take an in-depth read on three different styles of an under-appreciated aspect of your desktop, the mouse pad. Oh, and did I mention, STARCRAFT II?!?

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Gigabyte Ghost M8000Xtreme

gigabyte_ghostm8000xtreme_frontI'm well past the point of accepting that Gigabyte has placed a steady foot in the component arena outside of motherboards. When LanOC Editor and Chief Wes broke out this next piece of hardware however, I was more than a little surprised; and anxious, having seen the quality of Gigabyte's motherboards first hand numerous times. The Ghost M8000Xtreme is the high-performance gaming mouse in the company's recent line of peripherals, and today I see if it lives up to it's lineage.

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Razer Kabuto

titleWe took a look at Razer’s Orochi, their Bluetooth portable gaming mouse yesterday. You can’t have a mouse without a mouse pad to match, and that’s where Razer’s Kabuto comes in. Razer added the Kabuto as a portable mouse pad for times you can’t bring along one of their larger pads. It may be portable, but is it worth taking with you? Let’s find out.

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Razer Orochi portable gaming mouse

titleWhen it comes to mice for a gaming laptop, you're stuck deciding between a normal, non-gaming mouse or full-size, desktop gaming mouse. When the goal is portability, every component counts and although a full size mouse isn’t too large, it does add up. Razer recently introduced their Orochi, a Bluetooth-enabled gaming mouse that hopes to fill the need for a gaming mouse. I plan on using the Orochi in our LAN rig to see how well it will perform while gaming and when portability is important.


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Logitech Flight System G940

IMG_9508_lanocThose of us who can remember back to the early days of gaming hold fond memories of arcades, one of the reasons being the lavish peripherals that could only be found in such an establishment. Being able to take the throttle of a plane on a replication cockpit and feel the turbulence as you took off was something the Nintendo controller just couldn't capture. Today, we have tremendously life-like flight sims available on our home machines, allowing us to once again encountered grand experiences. They are such great recreations that mouse and keyboard simply don't do them justice.

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Playseats FlightSeat

IMG_9527_lanocAfter receiving a distress call from the ground Ghost squad, you grab the accelerator throttle to your right, anxiously increasing speed while keeping a steady hand on the plane's balance to your left, and head towards the hot zone. As you drop to near 20 feet from the ground, under fire from several tanks and a few aerial hostiles incoming, you force yourself to relax in the leather pilot seat, concentrating on the target and eliminating uncertainty from your mind. And at that moment, your cat comes in the living room and jumps up on your lap, demanding attention and bringing you back to reality.

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Das Professional S Keyboard


No sleep and no quiet make Adam do something something.. As I sit here typing this review with our managing editor sitting here next to me I can already see that it won’t be long before Adam loses his mind, smashing high end hardware components all over the place. The reason his distress is due to the lovely Das Keyboard Professional S that I am reviewing today. We have visited their line of keyboards once before, today we are trying out the keyboard with letters on the keycaps. At least this time I can see the letters before Adam goes crazy.

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Ozone Ground Levels

028_lanoc_front_lanoc_watermarkA week or so ago we took a look at the Smog, Ozone's entry into the competitive gaming mouse industry. As any gamer is aware, however, a good mouse needs to be complimented with a good surface. Not to fall short in this category, Ozone has released two lines of mousepads of their own, and today with sit down with the more portable Ground Level series, which comes in three sizes.

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SteelSeries 4HD


With all of this talk about gaming mice recently it’s easy to forget that mice are only part of the package. A good mouse pad helps your mouse move smoothly and can help your mouse track more accurately. SteelSeries developed the 4HD along side of the Xai for best performance with the most current gaming mice. Considering the Xai's recent review I am excited to see what else Steel Series can do.

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SteelSeries Kinzu


With a MSRP under $35 SteelSeries took a different approach to the Kinzu than with their other mice. At a price that is in direct competition to Microsoft’s X3 and Razer’s Salmosa the Kinzu could be a great  entry level gaming mouse. But after you take all of the costly features off, is it still a gaming mouse? Or has it been watered down to a step above your basic ball mouse? Let’s find out.

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SteelSeries Xai


SteelSeries was fairly new to the mouse scene when they introduced the Ikari in August of 2007. The Ikari was and  still is an amazing mouse, when Steel Series told me that they have spent years perfecting their next mouse I definitely had to see what all the fuss was about. Today I will be taking a look at the Xai, SteelSeries' newest gaming mouse.

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Cyber Snipa Silencer

CSS_Shot6LeadTo be honest I've never used a gaming mouse before and I've never really understood why simply changing one's mouse can increase gaming performance and experience. Well that's how I felt until I tried out a hardcore gaming mouse. That mouse is the Cyber Snipa Silencer Superior Laser Gaming Mouse. I put it through the paces for a few weeks and here's what I thought.


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Razer Imperator

imperator_9With so many manufactures getting into the growing gaming mouse market some of the biggest manufactures like Razer must innovate and change what they are doing to stay competitive. An example of that was our review of their redesigned Deathadder mouse; today we have the chance to take a look of one of their newest mice, the Imperator.

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NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse

avatar_09Outside of the big names in the gaming peripheral business you can find many different manufactures fighting for even just a tiny piece of market share. A few of those names you may have even heard of. Cooler Master's Sentinel mouse for instance. Now Cooler Master isn't the only gaming case manufacturer who has a few ideas on what they think a gaming mouse should be. NZXT, has a 7 button gaming mouse called the Avatar that we have the chance to look at today. Can the little guys out-do the big names at their own game?

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Mionix Naos 5000

038_500_watermarkThe Naos 5000 is Mionix's third entry into the gaming mouse line, holding true to the company's dedication to naming products after extraterrestrial beings. The Naos is one of the brightest stars in the Milky Way galaxy, whose trail is visible from Earth. It also has a peculiarly high rotation speed which comes from the interaction with other stars. In this brief history of the Naos 5000, similies to the mouse's performance are abundant. With a quick look over some of the features, it's clear why. Mionix has sent us a sample to test for ourselves, and today we sit down with the company's 'brightest' star.

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Rodent Week

rodentThis week we will be doing something new and interesting. We have a collection of mice from multiple manufactures sitting around for review. Enough in fact to fill an entire week. So to celebrate the most handled part of your PC we present our Rodent Week, we hope you enjoy it.

Ozone Smog

062_500_watermarkConfident newcomer to the American gaming peripheral industry Ozone has recently released their first model of a gaming mouse, the Smog. With several features that appeal to the gaming enthusiast, Ozone boasts that the Smog will 'give you the best gaming experience ever.' Of course, here at LanOC, we don't take a claim like that too lightly. Ozone has sent us a sample of the Smog to test for ourselves.

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Microsoft Sidewinder X4

22310_026_lanoc_watermarkMicrosoft's Sidewinder line, specialized gaming peripherals for the PC, is starting to see quite a few pieces in it's roster. You may recall the Sidewinder X6, their first keyboard made entirely themselves, with several great features that appeal to gamers. This month will see the launch of the new Sidewinder X4, and Microsoft has sent a sample to check out.

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SteelSeries NP+

211_005_LanOC_front_watermarkAs gamers, competition is in our blood. Whether it's a quick match online, a neighborhood LAN party, or an official tournament, the desire to win is always present. No one is more familiar with this than SteelSeries, manufacturing professional-grade gaming equipment based on needs of gamers and less on fancy logos and slogans. In the PC realm, equipment is all the more important it takes a mix of preference and quality to allow for a player to gain an actual advantage. Today, I sit down with the new NP+ gaming surface to see how it helps gamers perform at their best.

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Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard


For most PC gamers, the best part about playing on a PC over console is the added control and flexibility of using a mouse and keyboard. More specifically the mouse gives you the amazing control that just can't be found with a gamepad. The keyboard, although flexible, has always been used for typing first and gaming second. A few companies have brought out gameboards that replace the keyboard all together giving you access to all of the buttons needed without any of the extras. Logitech's G13 is their first attempt at a gamepad and with all of their experience with gaming accessories, I have high hopes.

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