titleWe took a look at Razer’s Orochi, their Bluetooth portable gaming mouse yesterday. You can’t have a mouse without a mouse pad to match, and that’s where Razer’s Kabuto comes in. Razer added the Kabuto as a portable mouse pad for times you can’t bring along one of their larger pads. It may be portable, but is it worth taking with you? Let’s find out.

Product Name: Razer Kabuto

Review Sample Provided by: Razer

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes



-High quality ultra-thin microfiber material

-High grip natural rubber base

-Size: 280mm x 195mm x 1.2mm



Razer packed the Kabuto in a black package typical of other Razer products. The packaging has a large window to give you a good view of the material used in the Kabuto; it would be nice to see a small access hole to feel the material also. Around back they don’t have much going on other than “Portable Gaming Mouse Mat – Doubles up as a laptop screen protector for ultimate usability and convenience” in thirteen different languages. There were a few small pictures and more details on the side explaining the Kabuto’s size and materials.



I put the Kabuto right to work by packing it up with my LAN rig. To test it out I packed up both the Orochi and my Deathadder. I found the size of the Kabuto to be small enough to make it portable and just about large enough to game on. I say just about because I did slide off a few times in heavy fire fights. Part of that was just adjusting to the size; by the end of the LAN I had no more issues. If you were packing this up with your laptop for day to day use you would never have that issue. The rubber base does a great job keeping the pad from sliding around. The Kabuto itself is fairly thin at only 1.2mm’s thick. This means you will barely even notice its sitting under your mouse. Both mice slide over the cloth surface quickly and easily, it doesn’t have the same feel of the hard mouse pads that I prefer, but its in line with other soft gaming pads.





So it performs as good as other soft mouse pads that we have reviewed, is small and portable, and is only 1.2mm’s thick. The only downside to me was it's size, in my opinion it could use another inch in both height and width. It was a perfect companion to go with the Orochi portable gaming mouse. On top of that it is small enough to fit in-between your laptop keyboard and screen with the laptop is closed, making it easy to pack up. For the gamer on the go, you may have a hard time passing this one up.


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