IMG_4715 [lr] [lrsm]Everyone has their own idea of what perfect is, this is why you see such a wide variety or products. Mouse pads are the same way, one pad may be the end all be all for one person, and another person could hate it. Because of that we have seen Razer produce hard and soft mouse pads in the past year. Today I will be taking a look at their newest design aim directly at people who don’t like using a mouse pad at all. The Razer Sphex claims to be the thinnest mouse pad on the market. Let’s hope performance isn’t figured by weight!

Product Name: Razer Sphex

Review Sample Provided by: Razer

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes


The Sphex was packed in typical Razer style in a package similar in size and shape to a standard manila envelope. The front sports a chrome like Sphex logo along with a small access hole to feel the mouse pad surface. The back of the packaging shows off a picture of the mouse pad along with a short feature list in multiple languages. To open the envelope you have to pull on the labeled tabs on the top. I did have trouble getting it to tear all of the way across but a quick tug made quick work of what was left. The Sphex was tucked neatly away inside along with the bright Razer green colored interior. Inside along with the mouse pad you will also find the typical Razer certificate of authenticity and a pair of nice Razer logo stickers. To prevent the adhesive side of the mouse pad from sticking to the certificate and stickers they placed a clear plastic on the underside of the mouse pad.

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My first gaming mouse pad was a Razer Exact Mat, I was always a fan of the metal construction and smooth surfaces on both sides. The Sphex is basically the same surface minus the metal plate it was attached too. Because of this I was very happy with the way the surface felt using both the Razer Deathadder and the Sidewinder x8. The only performance issue I ran into was my own fault for not making sure there wasn’t any dirt under the pad before I put it down. Even the slightest crumb will create a nasty bump on the top of the mouse pad if you forget to clean it up. The kicker of course is because of the sticky surface the crumb will follow you even if you move the mouse pad unless you make a point to pick it off. The Sphex felt like any other hard mouse pad with the added benefit that if you slide your mouse off of the mouse pad in intense game play you will hardly notice it.

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If you are a heavy gamer looking to avoid standard mouse pads because you don’t like how thick they are, this is the mouse pad for you. The Sphex was easy to install and reinstall and performed amazing with multiple mice. The only issues I noticed are issues caused by the thin surface. If you decide to take this pad to a LAN party be very careful not to bend or fold the pad too much because it is easy to crease. You will also run into issues if you are like me and have any crumbs or dirt under the pad. In the end if you’re not looking for a thin mouse pad I still recommend Razer’s Destructor. Also Razer’s claim of being the thinnest mouse pad is debatable if you remember the c4 mouse pads I reviewed about a year ago (not that not being the thinnest effects the Sphex’s great performance). Of course the Sphex's price is its best feature, for less than $15 bucks you can get a top of the line gaming mouse pad, a drop in the bucket compared to some of the other gaming mice.


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