Each of the three CPU’s shares the same package design. Across the face of the box you have glimpse at a microscopic view of the Sandy Bridge architecture. In the top left corner Intel has the Core logo with the respective version (i3, i5, i7). On the bottom right they use a sticker to label the specific model making it possible to use the packaging for multiple models to keep production costs down. Up top you can see the processor itself through a window giving you a chance to check out the stepping. Around back you have a short section pointing out the three year limited warrenty and pointing out that you can find more details in the included booklet. That same section is repeated four more times in different languages. Lastly you have a compatibility warning to remind you that these CPU’s only work with LGA1155 socket motherboards. Ironically this important warning is only available in English, unlike the warranty information above it.


Inside you have the heatsink packed into a cardboard shell taking up most of the space. At the top of that cardboard the CPU itself is slipped into the top and inside of a plastic clamshell. The previously mentioned booklet is also tucked in with the heatsink.



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Nacelle replied the topic: #16491 07 Jul 2011 01:52
New format is messing with my head.
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Thanks for the review Garfield. This will defenitly help those looking to build a new system, or potentially an upgrade

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