Our CPU and OpenGL(GPU) benchmarks gave us a few interesting results. The single core benchmark came out as expected given each CPU’s increase in clock speed. The full CPU test was a little more interesting showing the i5-2500 coming in behind the dual core i3-2100. There isn’t much of an explanation for this, but the difference is minimal when compared to the i7-2600’s performance of double the other two. Also interesting was the OpenGL testing or GPU testing. We saw an increase for each CPU going up to the i7. With this being a GPU test I found this interesting. It’s clear in this case that even just playing back rendered video is going to benefit from running the i7-2600.



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Nacelle replied the topic: #16491 07 Jul 2011 01:52
New format is messing with my head.
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LinkyPwns replied the topic: #16661 12 Jul 2011 21:16
Thanks for the review Garfield. This will defenitly help those looking to build a new system, or potentially an upgrade

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