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Most of our in game testing was limited to outside factors like limited GPU performance and with Black Ops, there is a cap on how high your FPS can go in-game. Dirt 2 did an amazing job at showing the difference in power between the three CPU’s. All three performed well but the i5 and i7 stand out with an improvement of almost 30 frames per second. Even so they still were very close in performance showing that Hyperthreading makes no difference to in game performance in any of the games we use to benchmark.



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Nacelle replied the topic: #16491 07 Jul 2011 01:52
New format is messing with my head.
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LinkyPwns replied the topic: #16661 12 Jul 2011 21:16
Thanks for the review Garfield. This will defenitly help those looking to build a new system, or potentially an upgrade

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