Corsair Photos and Fitment

Okay, so I’m sure you might be wondering why there is a water cooling kit slipped into here. Well with some SFF cases people have managed to fit 120mm AIO kits into them. In fact, in some situations, there is better support for this than a medium height cooler because the pump and block is lower profile when installed. I took a look around at basic 120mm AIO kits with just one fan and there were only a few options available. It seems most companies have moved on to focus on dual 120mm AIOs. Add in limited AM4 support and I was left with either a Cooler Master kit or the older Corsair H60. Corsair happened to have some in stock and sent them over.

corsair 1

corsair 2

I’ve worked with the older H50’s and a lot of the new Corsair kits but the H60 has never come into the office. When you open it up you get the main loop, a single basic Corsair 120mm fan, Intel and AMD brackets, and a bag of screws. The pump is unique because of its square shape where most other AIOs stick with the circle shape that comes from the OEM. This unique design means it needs its own brackets so I was originally worried that even though they have AM4 listed for support that it wouldn’t. As it turns out, while the Intel bracket comes with its own backplate and everything, the AMD bracket uses the AMD backplate and clips.

corsair 3

corsair 4

corsair 5

I normally hate the stock clips but Corsairs setup here was really cool. To start you drop the AMD bracket on top of the pump. They use strong magnets to keep it perfectly in place. Then from there, you put the two hoops over the AMD clips then slide the pump down over and use two of the thumbscrews to tighten everything down. This ended up being as simple or simpler than the other bracket designs while still using the clips. Even swapping out CPUs three times for this build went smoothly, you just have to be careful to not lose the two hoops as they are really small and while fall when you pull everything back apart.

corsair 6

corsair 7



Fits Tall Memory

AM4 Bracket

Corsair H60

Pump – 30mm

Radiator/fan - 52mm thick




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