The Sapphire RX 7600 Pulse is a relatively compact card and the box reflects that with its size being small as well. It does share some styling with the last Sapphire Pulse card to come in, only that design had a blue background whereas the RX 7600 Pulse has an ugly green/yellow for the background. Beyond the color, it does have the same zigzag pulse line that runs across the box to the Sapphire Pulse branding and the random shapes in the background. Because of the box’s size, the red wraparound from AMD which has the Radeon RX 7600 branding on it looks gigantic taking up a lot of the space on the front of the box. Sapphire also has a sticker up in the top right indicating this is an overclocked model. Around on the back, the green/yellow background is gone and replaced with a much nicer white background. The AMD wrap around it back here and highlights a few of the base RDNA 3 features. That doesn’t leave much space for anything else, Sapphire has the RX 7600 model name repeated again and then a basic specification that only lists the display connections and system requirements. Sadly there isn’t a picture of the card at all or any important specifications like dimensions or clock speeds to help any shopping decision if you were looking at this in retail.

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The outer box has a secondary inner box which is a standard brown cardboard. This opens up to the documentation up on top. You get a universal quick installation guide and a small piece of paper with Sapphire's addresses in Hong Kong and Germany. Below that the card itself comes wrapped in a bubble wrap static bag and it sits down in the box locked in place with additional cardboard and foam filling in gaps. The card itself also comes with a layer of plastic over the entire fan shroud as well to protect it from any scuffs or scratches in shipping.

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