For the packaging on the Gaming OC, Gigabyte is still sticking to a large picture of that eye on the front that is way too similar to the old Asus Strix owl eye. I would love to see them drop that and put a picture of the card on the front for anyone shopping in retail. The wrap around in red with the RX 5700 XT branding is nice and easy to see but the Gaming OC 8G model name could be a little larger. Below that they touch on three features, the RGB Fusion 2.0 lighting, the Windforce cooling, and that this is an OC edition. Around on the back of the box they do show pictures of the card when highlighting features. There is a picture showing the Windforce cooling fan directions that shows the front of the card, one that shows the RGB lit Gigabyte logo that shows the top of the card, and another that shows the backplate. They also highlight the cooler layout with a photo that shows the heatpipe layout. Beyond that there could be more card information like clock speeds or even the card dimensions. There is at least a line drawing of the rear I/O to show what connection options you get at least.

image 5

image 6

Once you open the box up you will find a thin box used as protection that also houses the documentation. Then up under that the Gaming OC comes wrapped up in its static protective bag and in a foam tray with a cutout shaped to the card. As for the documentation, you just get a simple/small quick start guide. There aren’t any extra accessories and the quick state guide will at least help you get the card installed and point you to where to get drivers.

image 7

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