Overall and Final Verdict

When going into testing on just about any Asus product I can expect a few things, namely their attention to detail and their software. In the case of the R9 380X Strix the attention to detail showed in the cooling performance and the nice backplate. The new GPU Tweak software isn’t overly complicated, but it does everything you might need and more. Integrating with XSplit shows that Asus knows that a lot of gamers are starting to stream as well. The 380X Strix impressed me with its performance, it gets the job done when playing at 1080p and 1440p without blowing up your budget like higher end cards. This seems to be a good sweet spot, going much past the 380X starts to really only benefit people running multiple monitor setups or running at 4k. Really the only downsides I ran into with the Strix was in the noise testing. Generally, all Strix cards have been nearly silent for me but this card seems to be a fluke. I’m also still on the fences with the owl styling but Asus seems to have gone all in at this point.

Before jumping into our performance testing when going over the new R9 380X specifications I noted that I was especially curious how it would perform in comparison to the GTX 970 and GTX 960. The reason was because the R9 380X falls into a weird price point that is right in the middle of the two cards. Because of that I don’t really feel the 380X has a direct competitor, but I was curious where it would end up falling in the performance testing. In the end the 380X Strix fell again near the middle in tests like 3DMark. To help visualize it all I put together a quick scatter graph that shows the cards 3DMark Performance in comparison to the MSRP. Because the 380X Strix has such a drastic price difference from the MSRP of the 380X I went ahead and graphed both, obviously a no-overclocked 380X’s 3DMark numbers will be slightly lower but I didn’t have those numbers to include. In the end I feel that the 380X is a good value that falls directly between Nvidia’s offerings.  The Strix tested does have a bit of a high MSRP when compared to the R9 380X’s base MSRP though and that does push the card a little closer to the GTX 970, lowering the value slightly.



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Today I check out the new R9 380X, enjoy!

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