For my last bit of testing I wanted to see how much I could push the 380X Strix with its stock cooling. To do that I break the testing down into three sections. I overclock the GPU first and find the highest possible GPU overclock on a stock setup. Then I do the same with the memory clock speed. Then I put both together and see if they will run together. Starting on the GPU Clock I ran the stock clock then jumped immediately up to 1200 MHz to see if the card could handle it. I picked 1200MHz because that was about where I was able to overclock with the R9 380. This failed, but as I stepped back to 1100 MHz I got a passing result. From there I just had to work to pinpoint how far I could go. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get past 1110 MHz. I did see a 4 FPS jump in performance though.

Going off of the R9 380 that is based on the same Tenda GPU as the 380X I expected my memory testing to go very quickly as the 380 maxed out the software. I jumped through a few tests quickly but the 7000 MHz test failed. More testing found that the 6500 MHz test I ran was the highest memory clock I was able to reach. This only gave me about .4 of an FPS over the stock tests. The lack of a result and the high risk that memory overclocking has means this isn’t really worth it at all. I did still run my combined testing though and had no issues. Combining the overclocked memory into the overclocked GPU gave me a total of 66.74 FPS in the final test.

GPU Clock Overclocking
GPU Clock Speed Pass/Fail FPS Result Notes
1030 MHz Pass 62.44 Stock Clock
1200 MHz Fail N/A Driver Crash
1100 MHz Pass 65.99  
1150 MHz Fail N/A Driver Crash
1130 MHz Fail N/A Driver Crash
1120 MHz Fail N/A Driver Crash
1110 MHz Pass 66.58  
Memory Clock Overclocking
Memory Clock Speed Pass/Fail FPS Result Notes
5700 MHz Pass 62.44 Stock Clock
6000 MHz Pass 62.74  
6500 MHz Pass 62.82  
7000 MHz Fail N/A Hard Crash, black screen
6600 MHz Fail N/A Hard Crash, black screen
GPU and Memory Overclocks Together
GPU Clock Speed Memory Clock Speed FPS Result Notes
1110 MHz 6500 MHz 66.74  


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Today I check out the new R9 380X, enjoy!

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