Compute Benchmarks

In addition to the normal in game and synthetic benchmark testing, I also wanted to see how well the R9 380X would perform in some compute benchmarks. To do that I ran it through our Fold @ Home testing as well as Cinebench. In Folding @ Home the single precision test reads almost exactly like all of the previous testing with the 380X pulling a 49 over the 46’s of the R9 380’s. The gap to the R9 390 is up there though with the 390’s pulling 56 and higher. In the double precision test, the R9 380X falls just above the GTX 980, a drastic change over the rest of our testing. This is because Nvidia has handicapped their cards in the double precision performance to keep their professional card market intact. In Cinebench though I think the 380X could use a little more refinement on its drivers, it falls in between two different R7 370’s that I have previously tested.





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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37341 19 Nov 2015 18:43
Today I check out the new R9 380X, enjoy!

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