Being a Strix card it’s no surprise that the packaging on the 380X Strix has a large owl right on the front of the box. Beyond that Asus was right to the point with the model name over on the right side, their logo up in the top left, and the Strix branding in the top right. Really the only information about the card on the front of the box is the “20% Cooler, 0dB Gaming” quote in bold. It isn’t until we get around to the back of the box that we start to see a little more information. On the back Asus has broken down four of the card main features with a photo and more information. That is where they talk about the DirectCU II cooling, the 0dB Fan, Super Alloy Power, and the new GPU Tweak II with Xsplit. Down along the bottom we actually see a small photo of the full card and next to it a line drawing of the rear connection options. There is a specification listing but it is extremely small and doesn’t tell us to much about the card.

image 1

image 2

Inside the packaging is another box, this time it just has the Strix logo up top and a few Strix quotes on the ends. Inside THAT box we find foam and a small accessory box with the Asus logo on it. Under the accessory box and a layer of foam we find the card wrapped up in its static protective bag and sitting in a cutout section in foam.

image 3

image 4

image 5

In the accessory box we have a software/drive disc. Along with it a speed setup guide and a world of ships paper. You also get a small Strix sticker as well as a power adapter cable.

image 6

Once I got the card out I also noticed that Asus wrapped up the rear backplate on the card in plastic to keep it from getting scratched up and getting finger prints on it. Remember to remove it before hooking everything up if you get the card!

image 7


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Today I check out the new R9 380X, enjoy!

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