Overall and Final Verdict

To say the least, the WD TV Live is one really nice streaming device. The interface and setup is dead simple and rock solid. The product will handle network and local files effortlessly, the quality of the video and audio are superb. There are enough connectivity options to suit the needs of most. WD designed the unit to be in a nice small form factor, which makes it portable, as well easy to add to your media setup. The setup of the device is dead simple and there are plenty of connectivity options for a player of this size and price. 

However there are a few aspects of the streamer that I am not the biggest fan of, however none of them are deal-breakers in the least. First, there is no way to add other apps or choices to the Services page. WD can and may certainly add and remove the apps that are available in the future, but straight out the box you what you see is what you get. The second is the remote which is good for using the device with out having to do a lot of typing. These best solution in my opinion is to turn your smart phone or tablet into a software remote control

Overall I feel that this is a really great product that you can pick up for less than $100 dollars. There is a fair balance of options that you can customize to your liking as well as content services that are built into the device.  All the apps that I have tested have been very stable, and did not encounter any crashes. If you have a need for streaming your media to your TV and want to check out a lot of options for streaming music and video from the Internet or your local network, the WD TV Live may just be a great choice for you.



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Myndmelt replied the topic: #30133 25 Mar 2013 19:39
I take a look at a delicious streaming device from Western Digital.

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