The WD TV Live comes packaged in an attractive full color box. On the front you see a look at the streaming device itself, along with the remote and a preview of some of the content streaming options. You will also notice a few logos that boast some of the features of the product. 

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Over on the back of the package you will see a couple screenshots of what the interface of the device looks like. You also see another shot of the device and the remote. Also there are some descriptions of what the product does and the setup abilities.

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When opening the box you must lift up a couple cardboard flaps showing possible accessories that you could also purchase from WD. Lifting up two cardboard flaps you then instantly have access to the instruction guide and warranty information. Underneath that you will see the remote, WD TV Live, power adapter and a composite AV cable. 

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Myndmelt replied the topic: #30133 25 Mar 2013 19:39
I take a look at a delicious streaming device from Western Digital.

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