The idea of a smart home really started to pick up in the late 90’s but it really wasn’t until recently when wireless technology got small enough to be integrated into various devices around your house. The whole idea that every device and part of your house would be wired together was expensive and took a lot of work. Recently though you start to see lots of devices come with wireless integration, hell even my humidifier connects to my wireless network. But the whole idea really comes together when LEDs, wireless, and smartphone all come together. That is why you are starting to see new lightbulbs that can be controlled remotely that plug into standard light sockets. TP-Link has jumped on board with the whole idea and has a whole mix of smart home products. They sent over their LB130, a WiFi capable LED light bulb with fully integrated RGB lighting as well. So I’ve been messing around with today we are going to check out what it's about. Is the smart home finally here? Let's find out!

Product Name: TP-Link LB130 WiFi LED Bulb with RGB

Review Sample Provided by: TP-Link

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon Affiliate Link: HERE



Control from Anywhere


Works with any Wi-Fi Router


Angled Lighting

180° Wide


800 (60W equiv.)

Light Appearance

2500k - 9000K Soft White to Daylight & RGB full color



Dimmable (via app)




Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible


Lifetime Rating

22.8 Years


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