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The packaging for the BL130 is bigger and considerably nicer than your everyday light bulb. This is basically as good as they come and they don’t want you to assume it is your everyday consumable light bulb. On the front is a photo of the light and along with that they also show someone using the phone app to control their lighting. The front also notes that this has a brightness of 800 lumens or is equivalent to a 60-watt light bulb and it should save you $1.32 per year. On the back, the app is featured again along with the bulb and they mention the millions of colors. The big thing here is the note that you don’t need to use any hub. A log of the smart bulbs actually require you to buy a hub to control them, adding to the cost, this works independently.

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Inside the box, the bulb comes in a silky smooth bag and then it sits in a formed tray. It comes with a technical support paper, instructions on how to set everything up, and a product satisfaction card. One side explains how to share your experience if you are happy and the other lets you know how to get in touch with them if you aren’t. Simple but to the point.

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From there we get to the bulb itself. Let's be honest, I don’t think there has ever been a light bulb that was THAT exciting to look at but this is a decent looking bulb. It has the TP-LINK branding on the side and it shares the exact shape of a traditional bulb with it being just a little wider close to the base where all of the electronics are. The top has a white translucent globe and you can't see the LEDs inside. The specifications tell us that the bulb has a lighting angle of 180 degrees and you can see that from the shape of the globe where it does have light coming out the side but it won’t also light towards the socket like a traditional bulb would.

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Down along the edge near the screw on socket they also slipped in all of the normal warnings and certifications. They are on or under a tinted layer though so it does make it a little hard to see the huge ATTENTION in all caps, let’s hope that’s nothing important.

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