The box for the Sensei Ten has a large picture of the mouse on the cover that from what I can tell is life-sized. The picture is from the top down and it shows off the two RGB areas. Beyond that the box is white with an orange accent stripe behind the mouse. The SteelSeries branding isn’t large at all and the model name is slightly larger but not huge. Overall the focus is clearly on the mouse itself. They do touch on a few features in the bottom left corner like the Truemove Pro optical sensor, the 60 million click switches, and the prism lighting. PC and Mac support is also listed. The rear of the box has another large mouse photo but this time it highlights the side buttons. Each of the three features is listed out in more detail and then there is a jab at the other mice who use the Sensei shape “Often imitated, never duplicated”.

image 5

image 6

Once you take the sleeve off you see the all orange box with “Bow to the Master” on the front, they are getting a little cocky lol. Inside the Sensei Ten sits in a foam tray that keeps it from moving around at all and the cord is tied up and tucked away at the end. Up under the foam, you will only find one other thing in the box other than the mouse itself, that is the documentation. You get a black and white paper product guide which touches on the mouse, installation, warranty, and everything else. 

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