So the SteelSeries Engine 3 launched back in 2013 which now that I put a date on it has been shockingly long ago but really at least at its core the software hasn’t changed much at all from its launch until now. So there is a good chance you have maybe used the software before. Like most other peripheral companies Engine 3 ties all of the SteelSeries lineup together with one program, at least now it does. Back when it launched the Sensei’s weren’t actually supported, you had to use the older Engine 2. Anyhow these days it feels a little dated because when you open it up you get a landing page that lists off any supported hardware you have installed. This is like today's programs. Only when you click on them to open them, they open into a new window. I complained about it back then and it still feels silly today. But at least everything is tied together and you also get prompts when you have firmware updates. They have however worked a lot on the apps that you can add in like Discord and lots of games where you can get better integration with lighting.

image 1

Opening up the Sensei Ten page gets you one main page to do everything. You have a photo of the mouse and with that, each of the buttons has a line and an option to reprogram them to any action that you might like. The backlit logo and scroll wheel are the same as well, clicking on those bring up a color wheel for setting the color. To the right you then get all of the CPI options for the five different sensitivity levels you now have. You can remove or add more levels thankfully and I like that you can drag the CPI up or down or type it in manually giving you both options. Things like acceleration, polling rate, and angle snapping are all there as well though I don’t think most people will want or need to change those. The only thing missing really is lift-off distance adjustments. That said I love that everything is contained to one page. Most other programs break things up into tabs but then have almost no options on each page.

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image 3

When digging into the button options I also did want to show the macro recording options. You can record or create them manually and then go back and make any changes or adjustments as needed including time between each action.

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