A mouse is a mouse, right? Well there have been a few mice that have come out that have had me excited, but lets be honest for the most part it has felt like everyone is just updating to the latest “in” sensor, adding RGB lighting where they can, and taking on things that can be mentioned on the box or in an online listing as a big feature. A little balance in adding just a few cool features and things are okay. But some mice get a little crazy and they end up huge and extremely heavy. Now if you were following the trends in mice you might run into people on Reddit drilling holes in their mice and doing everything they can to make their mouse lighter. Well, a few companies have been leading the lightweight market including Logitech on the wireless side, but it is finally hitting the mainstream companies including Razer which just recently brought out something. Well the mouse a lot of people have been waiting for is from Cooler Master with their MM710. They have been following the enthusiast market on the keyboard side for years so it isn’t a huge shocker that they would also do the same with their mice. The MM710 packs all of the features people are modding into their mice including the holes. Today I’m going to check out their new mouse and find out what all the excitement is about.

Product Name: Cooler Master MM710

Review Sample Provided by: Cooler Master

Written by: Wes Compton

Pictures by: Wes Compton

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