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When Cooler Master announced the MM710 I was excited about it but it is rare for a product that is enthusiast-focused coming from a mainstream company to not end up with some sacrifices. But I’m really not seeing any. They took the great shape of the MasterMouse S and implemented the same weight-saving features that a few mice have used coming in at an impressive 53 grams in total without the cord. That alone is impressive and while I’m not into the whole mouse modding by drilling holes you can really feel the difference in weight when using the MM710 compared to other mice.

The weight is nice, but for me at least it’s the other features that really set the 710 apart. The PTFE feet are amazing and Cooler Master including a replacement set as well is a really nice touch. But the cord, that is the crown jewel. The UltraWeave sleeving is amazing the cord is extremely flexible. My desk is a complete mess day to day when I’m working with everything I’m working on. Just right now as I write this I have an ITX motherboard, two video cards, three memory kits, stacks of SSDs, multiple CPUs, and 6 mice. Not even counting all of the normal stuff I have on the desk or the speakers, two keyboards, and mice needed for my PC and the testbench. I normally stick with a wireless mouse because my cord is always catching on everything and if it gets pinched up under something it jams the whole mouse up. But the MM710’s cord is soft enough that it hardly catches on anything and even when pinched it still has lots of movement. It feels wireless while still being wired, it’s crazy.

My only concern or issue with the MM710 is with the honeycomb holes and I wouldn't consider it to be a huge complaint. This isn’t the first mouse with holes in it so it isn’t exclusive to the MM710, but dust, dirt, and grime buildup is a concern. With cats in the house I already fight with cat hair buildup in the sensor hole of all of my mice and keeping the nastiness out of the scroll wheel is always a battle. So having all of the mouse opened up like this does mean all of that will also build up inside. Would that stop me from using the MM710? Not at all. But I do expect to have to blow dust and dirt out of it from time to time.

With some of the lightweight mice, you would think that pricing went up with the more material that they were able to remove from the mouse. Final Mouse, for example, is charging $120 for their latest mouse. Logitech’s G Pro Wireless is expensive, but it does have wireless. So you could be worried that Cooler Master might go crazy on the pricing. But with competition like the Model O and G-Wolves also in this same market the pricing has started to come down. Razer’s lightweight mouse is even only listed at $79 which isn’t ultra-cheap but not to bad. In the end the MM710 has an MSRP of $49.99 and where it has gone for sale already it has been following that pricing. This is a price point that is actually in range for most gamers and considering how good the MM710 I’m not sure how you could justify spending twice that or more. Cooler Master has put together a great product here, I really hope to see a MasterMouse L version in the future as well.


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