I haven’t had the chance to check out Corsair’s mouse offerings for the last few years. The last time I had a Corsair mouse in the office for testing was when they launched the Glaive RGB. Corsair has been busy bringing out new models and its high time that I check a few out. So I reached out about two recently introduced wired mice. The M55 RGB Pro and the Nightsword RGB. The M55 Pro RGB fits the bill for what I normally like in a mouse, an ambidextrous mouse with a simple, somewhat lightweight design, and an optical sensor. The kicker on it is its $39.99 price point so I’m excited to see how it performs. While testing that though I am also going to check out the Nightsword RGB is a little more mainstream with a little more weight and a shape that reminds me a lot of the always popular Logitech G502. Both mice have the potential to be great so let's take a closer look at each and see what sets them apart.

Product Name: Corsair M55 RGB Pro and Nightsword RGB

Review Sample Provided by: Corsair

Written by: Wes Compton

Amazon Affiliate Link: M55 RGB Pro and Nightsword RGB





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