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Well the M55 RGB Pro and the Nightsword RGB couldn’t be farther apart in features, but this did give me a great chance to get refreshed on what Corsair has been up to with their mice. The Nightsword is a right-handed ergonomic shape that is decked out in RGB lighting with a few more buttons than normal but not a full array of buttons like some WoW or Moba focused mice. While the ergonomic shape wasn’t exactly my preferred shape, it was the large size that gave me trouble. The side buttons were placed up to high for me to reach without adjusting my grip. People with even larger hands (mine are 19cm long) will most likely love the size though. The Nightsword has a great optical sensor with the PWM3391 and Corsair was on track when putting in the 50 million click Omron switches in the triggers. Sadly all of the secondary programmable buttons are squishy and lack the same solid click that the triggers have.

The Nightsword also seemed to be an exercise in fitting in all of the finishes possible. Corsair included a soft-touch rubberized finish on both sides and half of the top of the mouse. I’ve been vocal about this finish recently, they are nice for a while but collect oils and eventually break down to a sticky mess. They then used a glossy finish all around the bottom of the mouse and then a standard plastic for the triggers. I really would prefer the basic plastic finish on the triggers all over the mouse for durability and consistency. The Nightsword could also really use a diet, at 120 grams this is a heavy mouse. Corsair embraced it though and you can add even more weight as well. So if you like a big heavy mouse, this is up your alley.

The M55 RGB Pro, on the other hand, goes a completely different direction. This is a very simple ambidextrous design with matching side buttons on both sides for both lefties and righties. They cut out most of the RGB lighting from the Nightsword for just the RGB Corsair logo. The finish on the M55 is simple and to the point as well with a textured plastic that should hold up really well. I do however wish they didn’t use the rubber on the sides, but they do offer a nice grip. Overall the M55 is smaller than the Nightsword and with that significantly lighter as well at 86 grams. It isn’t an ultralight, but this is about where the average mouse should be weight wise. The optical sensor they went with was a step down from the 3391 of the Nightsword, but it did perform well in my testing. Speaking of, the Omron switches here are great and all of the secondary buttons have that same solid click as well. Really my only complaint with the M55 RGB Pro was with how much the side buttons sick out. This was a combination of the shape, how high up they mounted them, and how much they stick out. But in my testing I would bump the side buttons on the far side of the mouse with my ring finger.

The M55 RGB Pro also stands out when it comes to pricing as well. This most likely has to do with the simple design and lower end sensor but it has an MSRP of $39.99 which actually makes it a great value. The Nightsword, on the other hand, is $79.99. The Nightsword seems to be a direct competitor with the G502 Hero which is selling right now for as low as $59.99. The G502, while also heavy, seems to be put together a little better as far as consistent finishes. At the end of the day, I dig what Corsair is doing with their mice, especially the M55 Pro which is a great buy if you are looking for a good mouse at a decent price.

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