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Now the Nightsword is a bigger mouse and it shows a little in the packaging. Still, it is decked out in the same bright yellow as the M55 and Corsair is consistent on their branding here. The front mostly consists of a large picture of the mouse with small Corsair branding and even the model name is small as well. Where the M55 highlighted its ambidextrous shape, the Nightsword mentioned that it is performance tunable for FPS and MOBA gaming under its name. Then it has the iCue software logo as well. Around on the back there are two more images, this time showing more of the buttons and one from below showing the panel that comes off and the weights that you can put in. They list off the features like the sensor, weights, the contoured shape, and the programmable buttons. They then just repeat that over and over in different languages.

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Inside the box for the Nightsword unlike the M55, this one comes with a pull out tray and a plastic cover to keep the mouse from moving around. Beyond that though, you get the same documentation. A user manual specifically for the Nightsword RGB and then a basic warranty guide.

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One thing is clear, for the Nightsword Corsair went a completely different direction than the M55 RGB Pro. Where the M55 Pro is ambidextrous, small, and simple. The Nightsword is more of an old school ergonomic configuration for righties only. It has a thumb wing and a majority of the mouse is covered in a rubberized finish with a textured grip in it. Where the M55 is simple the Nightsword is flashy with extra lighting and more buttons.

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The side profile view of the Nightsword does show just how drastically different the two sides of the mouse are. On the right side, you have a rubberized coating grip but no buttons. There are two vents like cutouts, however. This profile look shows that the mouse doesn’t have a big hump and that the curvature of the mouse is surprisingly consistent and low profile. The left side of the mouse seems to sit a little higher but more importantly this side of the mouse is crazy. You have the thumb wing which hangs out and also has that same rubber grip on it. There are also three side buttons. The top two are in the traditional locations and have a V shape that helps them stick out up over top of the large third button that sits below the front button. The rubberized finish that is on the top and sides of the Nightswoard is a big contrast with the glossy finish used on the buttons and all of the case on the underside edge. Funny enough, both are finishes I don’t like seeing on mice. They both attract oily fingerprints and the rubberized finish will often late in life break down and become sticky. In front of the three buttons there is a DPI indicator LED array with three lights as well. 

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image 25Interestingly enough, in addition to the rubberized and glossy painted finishes on the Nightsword it has a third finish, standard plastic, for the two triggers and the two extra buttons tucked away in the left trigger. I hate the miss mash of different finishes almost as much as I hate the rubberized and glossy finishes. I think the Nightsword would be a lot nicer just with the basic plastic finish on the triggers, but at least Corsair recognized that the two most used parts on the mouse shouldn’t get the other finishes. Like the M55 the Nightsword has the same 50 million Omron switches. Omron mouse switches have a solid and loud click which most people like so this was a good choice. As for the scroll wheel, sticking with the Nightswords over the lop look the wheel has an almost tire-like grip cut into it and a thick rubber ring. There are also two more buttons tucked away behind the scroll wheel for flipping between DPI profiles.

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The tail end of the Nightsword does confirm what I thought I saw between the two side profiles. The left side of the mouse does sit a little taller. The mouse shape overall is uneventful with a consistent curve on the side, but the higher left side does help with the right-handed ergonomic shape overall. Back here you can also see the texture in the top panel under the spray-on rubberized finish, as well as the RGB, lit Corsair logo that goes under your palm. The vent looking areas around the bottom edge are a basic plastic insert with a honeycomb design printed on them and they are translucent with RGB lighting behind them giving the Nightsword something like underglows all around the mouse.

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The top-down look shows off the thumb wing really well, it sits out on the side and keeps your thumb from sliding on your pad at all. I personally don’t like wings much, but it is a staple in the ergonomic mouse normally. From the top you can see where the Nightsword does get wider in the middle near the side buttons and that the triggers are extremely long, especially where they stick out at the end.

image 30

One thing is for sure, Corsair didn’t skimp on gliders for the Nightsword. Nearly the entire bottom of the mouse is covered in them including a large one up under the thumb wing which is good. I would like to see a glider in the center around the sensor though. I think they avoided this however because the center section is a cover that pulls off where you can add additional weights. Like I said before, the M55 and Nightsword couldn’t be much farther apart. The M55 RGB Pro is working in the direction where a lot of mouse enthusiasts want ultra alight weight mice and here with the Nightsword, we are trying to add even more weight! In the middle of all that however the Nightsword does have a solid optical sensor. Corsair went with the PMW3391 which runs all the way up to 18k DPI.

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The Nightsword is a wired mouse and with that, I do need to check out the cord as well right? It is 1.8 meters long which is just a touch below 6 feet long so it shouldn’t be a problem reaching your PC if you have it in, on, or around your desk. The cord itself has a braided sleeving and that sleeving is a little firm. This is the same sleeving as the M55 pro and I would like to see something a lot looser that isn’t going to push back if it gets caught on anything. I know a lot of mice are moving back away from sleeving all together, but I don’t mind it as long as it is loose. The plug itself has a Corsair logo on it and the knurled finish at the end is unique and easy to spot when looking back behind your PC and it also gives a solid grip as well. But even with the name Nightsword this isn’t exactly the sword in the stone, so it isn’t like I need a heavy grip to unplug the mouse lol.

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I mentioned how crazy it is to have weights to add to the mouse when so many mice are adding holes to cut weight. But even at its base weight of 120 grams, the Nightsword is a little or a lot hefty depending on who you ask.

image 38

Speaking of the weights, Corsair does include a cool carrying case for them. Three of the weights are solid and the other three have a large hole in the middle.

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