Now with newer companies, software can be a big issue at times. It takes a lot of time to develop and that costs a lot of money so I was a little worried at Fnatic Gears potential software. But when I got it opened up I like that they hadn’t messed around trying to be fancy. They have a simple program with a gray background. Up top, there are three profiles than you can flip between as well as backup or restore profiles as well. The first page is the basic settings page and the first thing you will find are sensitivity and CPI settings for the sensor and things like scroll speed and double click speed. This is really the most important stuff you need on a mouse and I like that they don’t hide it a few pages in like other programs.

software 1

The next page is the button assignments page and this has a photo of the Clutch G1 along with small boxes for each of the programmable buttons over their locations on the photo. Also on the left are drop down options for each button as well. Here you can reprogram any of the buttons including scroll up and down if you need it. Like most mice, you can set any of them to any key, function, and to even open up programs.

software 2

The lighting page has a zoomed in photo of the only LED light on the entire Clutch G1, the scroll wheel. Here you can turn off the lighting altogether, turn on a color cycle, or set the color of your choice. You can also turn on lighting modes like a breathing effect and adjust the brightness. Basically all of the normal lighting controls, only for just one light.

software 3

The macro recorder page is where you can go a lot more in-depth for programming your mouse button combinations. So you can start to record by clicking on the orange dot and click or type anything and it will record the button presses, then clicking on the button again stops the recording. I don’t really use Macro recording, but I do think in the future this area could really benefit from having the option to go in and adjust times between button presses and have adjustments of already recorded macros. All you can do right now is record and save.

software 4


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