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The Fnatic gear Clutch G1 isn’t like a lot of normal “gaming” focused mice with a bunch of extra useless buttons, flashy lights, and a flashy style that ends up being uncomfortable. They have taken notes from all of the good nice on the market and stuck with a simple flat black mouse with a slighting rubber finish. The mouse isn’t ambidextrous, so it does have a lean to it but overall a simple shape like the Sensei, Deathadder, and all of the other popular mice.

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So starting at the rear of the mouse you can see the slight angle at the top that I was referring to that makes this a right hand only mouse. The back view reminds me of the Deathadder, but the main difference is with the Clutch G1 it is a little thinner on the sides where it curves in for grip.

image 1

The side profile view shows almost exactly the same shape as the Deathadder only the side buttons are in a different location. These buttons sit up at the peak of the mouse rather than more forward like on the Deathadder. They are also a little shorter but still have the length that makes them easy to get a full thumb on without bumping the second button. There aren't any additional rubber grips here for grip, so the curved in shape of the mouse on the sides that doesn’t really show in this photo will have to be the main way to hang on to it. This side does have a small Fnatic Gear logo up under the triggers.

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The other side of the mouse looks much shorter, this is from the angle of the grip. So this side doesn’t have much going on. Like the other side where it had the Fnatic Gear logo, this side has the Clutch branding on it up at the front.

image 3

The top view helps really fill in the gaps for the Clutch’s shape. The triggers flair out like the Deathadder a little, but not as far. But from here you can better see the curves on the side of the mouse where your thumb and fingers can slide down and grip the mouse. The top panel is one solid piece including the triggers with just the split in between.

image 5

The front of the Clutch G1 doesn’t have as much of the angled shape as the rest of the mouse. In fact, if you look at just below the top of the scroll wheel the only indication would be the slightly angled smile of the end of the triggers. The USB cable runs in the middle of the front with a short plastic protector around the first bit of the cord to keep it from being damaged.

image 15

Besides the side buttons, the rest of the bottoms on the Clutch G1 are all up in the front part of the top of the mouse. You have the two triggers of course and they went with Omron D2FC-F-7N switches there. Then you have the two profile swap buttons behind the scroll wheel. Then the scroll wheel itself is very similar to the scroll wheel on a Sensei with a plastic LED backlit section on each side and a rubber grip up the middle. The grip has the same tiny grooves cut in it as well. The scroll wheel has a bottom click but no side to side action.

image 14

The bottom of the Clutch G1 was a little unusual to me. The back of the mouse wraps around but the flat surface area of the bottom is about ¾ shorter than the rest of the mouse. It has the normal sticker with Fnatic Gears branding, the serial number, and all of the certification logos. There is also a QC passed sticker and a sticker that covers a screw hole with a warranty warning on it. The feet/gliders though are what stood out to me. They seem to be cut out of a flat sheet of Teflon, similar to how a lot of the cheaper replacement feet are made. A lot of the other manufacturers have moved to feet that have a slightly rounded shape to prevent the sharp edges from catching on things. For the sensor, the Clutch G1 has a PMW 3310, an older sensor, but the same sensor found in mice like the Rival. It is an optical sensor without any known acceleration or prediction and in the Clutch G1, they have it running at up to 5000 CPI.

image 4

For the cord, Fnatic went with the standard sleeved USB cable with a little gold on the connection. The sleeving is a tight weave that should hopefully protect the cord without catching on your desk too much.

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