For testing, I have been using the Clutch G1 on my main PC in a mix of everyday use and gaming. This gave me a little time to adjust and they get a better feel for the mouse. What ended up noticing is that just like the Deathadder that the Clutch G1 is somewhat similar to, it is a very comfortable mouse for my slightly larger hands. It fit will up into the palm of my hand without feeling out of place or uncomfortable, even over long periods of time. The only request I would have on the shape would be to have slightly more curve in on the right side of the mouse like the left side has. I lift my mouse in some games and I had a hard time keeping a good grip on that side. For being a large mouse it actually wasn;t really heavy, in fact, it feels a little light for a large mouse (but still a little heavier than the Sensei).

When I first started using it, the sharp edges on the gliders did end up being a little scratchy on my hard mouse pad. They did wear in though. The Omron D2FC-F-7N switches have a solid and loud click. Some may not like the noise but they do feel good to use. The side buttons were mostly usable, at least the front button was. The rear side button was too far back for me to be able to use, someone with smaller hands might still be able to use it. I would prefer the buttons be slightly up though to make them both usable. Speaking of buttons, the two profile swap buttons are out of the way, even though they stick up and out of the mouse more than you would think. When you flip between profiles there is actually a hidden set of lights in between the top panel on the mouse and the left side. So you can see what profile you are on without any visible indicators when the mouse is turned off.

As for the rest of my testing, I spent a lot of time testing out the PMW 3310 sensor. Being an optical sensor it worked well on all of the surfaces I tried it on. It also didn’t have any noticeable acceleration or correction and tracked well at speed and when doing detail work in photoshop. The only issue I ran into was when I was lifting the mouse in game. The liftoff distance is higher than normal and I found that it wasn’t adjustable in the software as well, hopefully, this is something that gets added in the future.


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