The packaging for the Clutch G1 is a lot like the Func packaging, both because it has a white background and also the orange Fnatic color is similar to Func’s orange. So the front of the box is fairly simple with an overhead photo of the mouse that is basically live sized. They then just have the Fnatic Gear branding and the product name. The back of the box is black and here they talk a little about this being an esports grade mouse and then they break down a few of the features.

image 12

image 11

The box opened up by sliding the top of the base, but it was a little hard to get opened. I ended up having to wedge something in there and pry on it a little to get it started. Inside the mouse sits in a nice foam tray with its shape cutout in it. Then on top, they include a small quick guide to get you started. It's all obvious though, plug the mouse in and download the software from their website.

image 10

image 9


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