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So is the Mionix Castor all they have made it out to be? Yeah I think Mionix has put together a great mouse with a clean/simple design that should appeal to both gamers as well as enthusiasts and people just looking for a good quality mouse. The flat black rubber finish helps with that but more than anything keeping the lighting down to just their logo and on the scroll wheel also helps a lot with that. In addition, being able to set the RGB lighting to any color you would like helps make sure the Castor fits in with any keyboard and PC setup.

Where the caster stood out to me was with a few of the details. I think they made a good choice picking the 3310 for the sensor. A lot of companies avoid going with an optical because for years marketing has pushed that laser is the only way to go on an expensive mouse, but the Castor benefits from the sensor with no acceleration issues, good tracking, and very few flaws. I also like just how lightweight the Castor is, I think for a gamer or really anyone who spends a lot of time at their PC, moving around a ligher weight mouse is more likely to prevent health issues in the future, plus it helps with the overall responsiveness when gaming. I also really like the direction they went with their software, even if I had issues with it not scaling properly to a 4k display.

The mouse isn’t perfect though. While I did find it to be overall comfortable, I would still love to see a few small changes to the shape. I also found that the lightweight design and gliders that cover nearly the entire bottom of the mouse bring out the texture of my hard mouse pad. I think I might be more likely to use the Castor with a soft pad, or at least one with a little smoother surface.

Those issues are small though and the pros outweigh the cons by a large margin. With an MSRP of $69.99 I do think the Castor is priced a little high, but not by too much to be competitive with other mice with a similar feature set. If you want to avoid the in your face “gamer” styling I think the Castor should be on your short list when shopping for a new gaming mouse, especially if you are big into games like CS:GO where the near flawless sensor will really perform. Also if you haven’t been watching Mionix, you really should be. They have a big product line but they remind me a lot of an early SteelSeries with their unique, clean, gaming focused designs.


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Today I change things up and take a look at a new mouse from Mionix, have a great weekend!

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