While at the end of the day the packaging of a product has nothing at all to do with its performance, I do believe that a company can improve the initial experience of buying their product with good packaging. Part of that is just the information they provide on the box itself. For example, does it have the information you need to know before buying it or will you need to look up information online. Interesting packaging can get you excited about your purchase right in the store or when the package comes in. So when the Castor came in I took a quick look at its packaging to see what they had going on.  For some reason a lot of companies seem to avoid putting an actual picture of their product on the packaging so I love that they have a picture on the cover. The rest of the front is simple with a black background and just the name up along the top.

image 1

Around back we have a white background and they kept things simple with a short specification/feature listing that is listed over and over again in many languages. They touched on nearly everything that most people are going to be looking for. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing the sensor listed as well but very few companies do that.

image 2

Then the inside of the packaging is completely not what I expected. The mouse sits tightly in between two formed sections that completely cover the mouse when the box is closed. Down along the bottom they molded in “It’s all about the craftsmanship” and in the middle there is a small note from the CEO.

image 3

image 4

image 5

Up under the mouse you can pull the tray up and get access to a quick start guide that also contains the warranty information. Along with it you get a sticker sheet with the Mionix logo printed in black and in white on clear plastic in every way possible to give you the option that works best for you.

image 6


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Today I change things up and take a look at a new mouse from Mionix, have a great weekend!

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