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As I mentioned in the opening, Cooler Master said right from the introduction of the Mizar that when they designed it they were trying to bring out something similar to a few of the classic mice. The biggest one that we can see right away is the Microsoft Intellimouse, its classic shape and amazing sensor is still very popular. In fact people still get good money for their old Intellimouse’s (Intellimice? Lol) on Ebay. To be specific the Mizar looks the most like the Microsoft Intellimouse Exploror with its bubbled shape that pushes up into the palm of your hand. The mouse buttons widen out towards the front to give you the most room. This shape is also similar to the Deathadder in a lot of ways but this is because it too takes a lot from the Microsoft Intellimouse.

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Under your palm on the Mizar Cooler Master did include a storm logo that lights up. This is a little going away from the “old school” design. The logo is backlit with an RGB LED but they currently only let you swap it between a few main colors. From this view we can also see that the Mizar has a slight lean to the right. This along with the ergonomic design lets us know that this is a right handed only mouse. Sorry lefties.

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One of the big features of the Mizar are the rubber grips on both sides. While they went with an old school shape, Cooler Master modernized things slightly to give you a little extra grip. Typically I’m not a fan of rubber grips personally but I do like that they went with a crisscross shape. I’ve had a few mice with rubber side grips that only went one direction and it actually can make things even more slippery at times. For side buttons they kept things simple with two left side thumb buttons. The rear button is a little longer than the front and the buttons follow the shape of the mouse. The buttons are in reach of your thumb while not being directly under your thumb all of the time to prevent miss-clicks.

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For its scroll wheel they went with a clear plastic wheel with a rubber ring around it for traction. Behind the scroll wheel you have your up and down DPI buttons to be able to quickly get to the DPI you need on the fly.

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The bottom of the Mizar is interesting. Cooler Master decided to slip a little bit of the Storm logo onto the bottom of the mouse by making the logo glossy on the otherwise mat finish. The four gliders have an old school look to go with the shape of the mouse. They are extremely tiny and have that basic oval shape that all gliders used to have. Beyond that though there is a sticker with all of the required logos and warnings as well as the serial number for the mouse in case you need to RMA it. In the middle the Mizar has its laser sensor. Cooler Master went with the ADNS-9800 that used to be from Avago and is now from Pixart. This is the same sensor you see in most laser mice including the Sensei.

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For its cord, the Mizar has a 71 inch long braided USB cable. The braided sleeving is a very tight weave that should hold up to abuse.

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I hope everyone has been staying warm. Before I get into LAN prep mode for our trip this weekend I did get a chance to check out the Mizar from Cooler Master. Check it out!

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