So over the past few years I have been lucky enough to cover nearly every new and interesting mechanical keyboard I could find. This includes various models with RGB backlighting, unique switches, and even an ergonomic model. That said there have still been a few mechanical keyboards that I haven’t been able to get my hands on, mostly because they are a little less mainstream. Well last last year I had the chance to talk with a fairly new group buy website called Massdrop, some of you may have heard of it. Massdrop really caught my eye because they do group buys on enthusiasts focused products. It just so happened there mechanical keyboard buyer has seen our coverage in the past and was excited to work with us. I don’t think there is a more fitting product to cover than the ErgoDox Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Kit. This is what helped establish Massdrop and it is also one of the most unique keyboards you can get.

Product Name: ErgoDox Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Review Sample Provided by: Massdrop

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes


What is Massdrop all about?

Before I get into the review, I did want to step back a little and just tell you all what Massdrop is. This isn’t your traditional retailer. What they do is let users suggest products that they would like to get at a better price and then the community votes to see what would be the best out of those suggestions. Assuming there is enough of a response Massdrop then contacts the company and tries to work out a deal. The deals typically start off at a reasonable price and as more people buy into the deal the price can drop. Massdrop has grown from mostly being audio and mechanical keyboards and now they cover a wide variety of products. In some cases they have even used the communities feedback to design and sell completely new products!

I’m excited to work with them because frankly I have been on their website drooling over different drops for a long time as well. The idea of getting a chance to influence what will be sold at a discount is exciting and a little addicting. You will need to sign up for an account to be able to see what they have to offer, I know to some people this is frustrating, but it is worth it. When/If you do be sure to use our link as well to let them know where you came from. We don’t get any commission or anything like that, it is just to show who enjoyed our review.


Ergodox Specifications

Key count





Windows, Mac, Linux

Case Material


Keyswitches available

Cherry MX Clear
Cherry MX Blue
Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Red
Cherry MX Brown

Case color options

Blue Aluminum
Black Aluminum

Silver Aluminum

Red Aluminum

Keycap options



Clear plastic DCS

Components included

2 x PCB

10 x Acrylic case Plates

1 x Teensy USB Board, Version 2

1 x MCP23018 I/O expander

2 x 3.5mm TRRS connector

1 x USB mini B plug

1 x 0.1uF ceramic capacitor

76 x 1N4148W-7-F diode (surface-mount)

1 x 2.2k ohm resistor

3 x 3mm T1 LED

2 x 220 ohm resistor

76 x Cherry MX switch

2 x USB cable Male A to male mini B

1 x TRRS cable

14 x Case screws/nuts (16 for Full cases)


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36213 30 Jan 2015 18:17
Happy Friday everyone, today I build and test out an ErgoDox keyboard from Massdrop. Enjoy!

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