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Sometimes what you started with all those years ago is what you wanted all along. Cooler Master recognizes that some people just love their older mice and with that it is hard to find something that feels the same. With the Mizar they tried to stay as close to the classic mice as possible, that isn’t going to be everyone but It is good to see that they are expanding their product line into that market. The classic shape took me a little while to get used too but once I did I did find it very comfortable, especially if you use a claw style grip. Being a palm grip user typically I did have a few issues with the shape not going well with that grip style for me. Performance in game and in every day use was good but the Pixart 9800 does have its faults. I was a little surprised they didn’t go with an optical sensor to match the classic styling and to cater to that user. The rest of my issues were focused around the LED lighting. The backlit logo has an RGB LED but for some reason you are still only limited to 7 different colors. To add to that the scroll wheel backlighting stays white, it’s weird they wouldn’t run RGBs on both. I also would have liked to of seen the white setting be a little more white.

All of the lighting issues are trivial when you think about it though. I really think the target audience for the Mizar are the same people buying up the old mice on Ebay. A lot of those same people would most likely turn the lighting off all together. The Laser sensor might be a problem for that user though. Especially when you consider that the laser sensor most likely helped push the price up slightly. At just under $60 the Mizar is a little less than most other mice with the 9800, but more than a lot of the classic mouse users will be looking to spend. I would love to see this same mouse with an optical sensor for around $40, that would be the sweet spot for me. It isn’t that $60 is crazy to ask for, it is just getting up close to mice with a lot of additional features at that price point.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36284 18 Feb 2015 18:16
I hope everyone has been staying warm. Before I get into LAN prep mode for our trip this weekend I did get a chance to check out the Mizar from Cooler Master. Check it out!

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